Whether open, theme-based or recreational, our Abbey tours take groups on a fascinating trip through eight centuries of history.

Open tours

Discover Royaumont

Entrance fee: 7.50 € per person

Discover the Abbey, its grounds and its three remarkable gardens at your own pace, with no time constraints and no need for reservations.

Our digital discovery aides, made up of a set of mostly interactive panels, will help you along. This conveniently priced package is very popular with groups keen on flexible arrival times (cyclists, hikers, treasure hunters, families on outings, etc.)

For groups of 10 or more.

“Traditional” guided tour

Royaumont through the ages

One-hour tour: 130 € | Two-hour tour: 160 €

This is a tour designed for the general public, that covers the salient moments of the Abbey’s eight century-long history, focusing on medieval monastic life and the unique architectural features of an Abbey that was both Cistercian and Royal.

One tour guide for groups of up to 40.
Prices quoted are in addition to the entrance fee (7.50 € per person).

Theme-based tours

Our tour guides will show you all the historical and cultural treasures of Royaumont, from Saint Louis’ time to the present, and will take you on a discovery of the three remarkable gardens, with their abundant plants, vegetables, and fruit.

One tour guide for groups of up to 40.
Prices quoted are in addition to the entrance fee (7.50 € per person).

Royaumont, Saint Louis’ Abbey

Two-hour tour | 160 €

This tour highlights the personality of an extraordinary king, who founded Royaumont and subsequently often stayed at the Abbey where he loved to live the monastic life. Many anecdotes gleaned from the royal chronicles of these stays punctuate the tour, emphasizing various character traits of an iconic monarch.

A garden story

A two-hour tour | 160 €

The Abbey’s three gardens, designed by renowned landscapers, reflect the history of gardens from the Middle Ages to the present day. After discovering the history and architecture of the Abbey, delve into the history of our gardens and the art of landscaping they embody.

Hydraulics at Royaumont, from the Middle Ages to the present day

A two-hour tour | 160 €

At the root of the builder-monks’ adventure lies water management. Indispensable to life, water also had a sacred function for the Royaumont monks. And the industrialists who subsequently took over the site made the most of the exceptional hydraulics and waterworks that remain visible to this day.

The Royaumont Codex, playful tour

A two-hour tour | Package 400 €

An investigation through the abbey | Led by a tour guide, this treasure hunt of sorts invites you to go back in time through the Abbey and its gardens, and to meet with the monks virtually. Solving puzzles may help one of the teams save the abbot by finding the culprit and so, win one of the prizes.

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