Singing Philippe de Vitry’s motets

around David Chappuis

Fenêtre sur cour[s]

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Today, all that remains of Philippe de Vitry (1291-1361) is a great name and a rather limited body of musical and poetic compositions, whose attribution is disputed. Following on from the “Philippe de Vitry en son temps” symposium, which explored the poet-composer’s influence on his contemporaries, the Rencontres Médiévales de Royaumont will focus on the presentation of the “Chanter les Motets de Philippe de Vitry” project, led by David Chappuis and supported by the Royaumont Foundation since its inception. The question of how to restore this repertoire in its many dimensions was at the heart of these days, which focused on practical experimentation and exchange, through workshops, demonstrations, presentations and round-table discussions.

In the presence of singers from the Arborescence ensemble, medieval master’s students (Geneva, Montpellier, Paris) and the general public can discover, experiment and exchange ideas on a wide range of subjects, and above all, listen.

Les Fenêtres sur Cour[s]

Des rendez-vous toute l’année pour découvrir le travail en cours de musiciens et danseurs à l’issue d’une période de formation professionnelle ou d’artistes hébergés à l’abbaye le temps de préparer un spectacle
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