Souvenirs and books

Our bookshop is a window on to the Abbey and the Foundation, with its wide selection of art books and reference tomes on plants and gardens, architecture, history, dance, music… it also stocks novels, cookbooks, stationery and cards, as well as a remarkable collection of CDs. We also give pride of place to artisanal and local products, such as herbal teas, jams, soaps, scented candles, and jewelry. And we are also developing a range of products exclusive to Royaumont, including the wonderful honey we collect from our very own beehives.

The Café-bar

Light and airy, our Café-bar is open on weekends and holidays, and for groups, on the occasion of overnight stays and dinner & concert evenings. Located in a Gothic vaulted hall, it also has a waterside terrace. It serves wines from small independent vintners, locally brewed beers and coffee and cakes, alongside simple meals, the menu of which changes weekly.