The Pôle Création chorégraphique (PCC) deploys an original artistic project to accompany and support artists in the field of dance. In response to current events, trends and issues in the choreographic field, the CCP invents new ways of supporting emerging or developing dancers and choreographers.

The project articulates, in complementarity, continuing education programs, research and creation residencies, and the dissemination of choreographic works that potentially interact with the architectural heritage and the site of the abbey and enrich the territorial action, particularly in the context of the Royaumont Festival.

The PCC relies on a rich cooperation with the humanities and other artistic fields and contributes within Royaumont to the creation of multidisciplinary projects with music, but also with other artistic fields. It fosters partnerships with other national and international choreographic institutions to facilitate the inclusion of artists in a broader professional network.

Training courses

From 2020, a new training program will be set up within the Royaumont choreographic creation center.

Intended for dancers-interpreters and choreographers, these continuing education sessions, designed as laboratories, focus on transmission and experimentation. They are based on a philosophy of meeting, exchange and sharing of knowledge.

Their architectures draw and alternate times and collective spaces of dialogues and practices, and times for an individualized follow-up: an articulation so that each artist can better define his own artistic projections.

Their objective is to give artists in the field of choreography the opportunity to build, enrich and question their career paths and expand their professional networks.

The 2023 training courses

Campus-danse #1 – Edition 2023 Remix Factory 1993/2023

For 10 artists from the choreographic field
By Hervé Robbe, Jean-Christophe Paré, Shlomi Tuizer, Edmond Russo

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The Lab – Choreography #3

For 12 choreographers
By Hervé Robbe, Géraldine Schmitt, Jean-Christophe Paré, Roberto Fratini Serafide, Elizabeth Claire, Irène Filiberti, Alban Richard, Volmir Cordeiro

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Pricing conditions

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Previous trainings

Training courses since 2013

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