Royaumont associates contemporary music and the creation born of cross-cultural encounters. The Musical Creation pole, created in 2019, aims to defend musical creation as a whole, and in particular to act on the dialogue between repertoires and musical practices. It wants to facilitate and stimulate the meeting between creators, from aesthetic universes or practices that are a priori distant: written or scholarly music; contemporary; oral music; improvised music.

The Pole continues to support the disciplines present so far in the same way: contemporary, traditional, improvised music, and many others, defended until now by the New Voices and Transcultural Music programs: it is a question of enriching creation through new approaches, and not favoring one expression to the detriment of others.

Royaumont offers a perfect setting for this type of work, which requires respect for difference, the ability to question, reciprocal curiosity and depth of exchange.

2022 workshops

Composing for the organ: in search of new sonic worlds

For 3 composers
By Thomas Lacote

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Workshop for pianists: from Joseph Haydn to György Ligeti, from Walter to Steinway

For 6 pianists
By Alain Planès, Ralph van Raat

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New Voices Academy 2022

For 10 composers
By Hugues Dufourt, Clemens Gadenstätter, Du Yun, Ensemble ICTUS, Johanna Vargas, Marie Ythier

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Academy of Transcultural Music 2022

For : 10 instrumentalist composers, musicians, singers.
By Camel Zekri and Okba Soudani

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