Pricing conditions

The financial participation requested from the trainees includes :

  • 150€ TTC : registration fee (125 € HT)
  • 45 € * not subject to VAT:
    • 20 € membership to the Association des amis de Royaumont, or 7€ after tax deduction (66% of your membership is deductible from your income tax, within the limit of 20% of taxable income)
    • 25 € membership to the Royaumont Libraries (François-Lang Music Library and La Grange-Fleuret Library. These memberships cover a full fiscal year.
  • A fixed contribution to the cost of accommodation of 10€ per day of training

You can benefit from financial support depending on your situation.

The Royaumont Foundation takes care of :
– accommodation and meals, and the full cost of training (trainers, instruments, etc.) for the duration of the course (except in special cases)
– the cost of transfers between the Viarmes train station and the abbey (one outward and one return transfer)

The trainee is responsible for:
– travel expenses (home – Viarmes station – home)
– purchase and printing of scores

Financial support systems

Intermittent of the spectacle :
If you are an AFDAS beneficiary (2 years of seniority, 48 days in France, as evidenced by the Congés Spectacles and salary slips), you should send a request for reimbursement to your AFDAS delegation, according to the procedure below.

1. As soon as your application is accepted by the Royaumont Foundation, you must make sure that you are entitled to receive a grant from your AFDAS delegation, and then inform the Foundation of the answer.
2. The Royaumont Foundation sends you an estimate, a description of the training course and the page of the AFDAS application form relating to the training organization.
3. You complete the AFDAS application form and gather the documents requested by AFDAS.
4. You send in your application for funding no later than 4 weeks before the first day of the course.
5. You and the Royaumont Foundation receive the answer from AFDAS.

If the request is accepted, you will have to pay 195 €.

Employees :

If you are an employee (full-time or part-time), contact your employer to find out if the training can be paid for.
If you are covered by the insurance, you will only have to pay 195 €.

Job seekers :

If you are a job seeker, contact your Pôle emploi to find out if the training can be paid for.
If you are covered by the insurance, you will only have to pay 195 €.

Aid from the Royaumont Foundation

Scholarship of the Association of the Friends of Royaumont for the calendar year 2022

If you are under 30 years of age on the first day of training, theAssociation des amis de Royaumont awards grants to artists who do not yet have a regular professional activity and who meet the above age criteria, depending on their artistic potential and financial situation.
This attribution is decided during the board of directors of the Association on file (CV, letter of motivation).
If you receive this scholarship, you will only have to pay the registration fees, which total 195€.

The trainee will have to pay by bank transfer before the first day of the training and will transmit, on request, a proof from his bank. Bank charges from abroad will be the responsibility of the student, unless expressly agreed otherwise between the Foundation and the student.

In case of modification of the financing agreement by the OPCO (such as AFDAS), or any other organization, the trainee would remain liable for the cost of training not financed by the said organization.


If you are covered by a health insurance plan, you will be responsible for

Afdas supportAssociation’s scholarship Employer
or Pôle emploi
PSPBB Student
or RRC
At the trainee’s expense 195 € INCL. VAT (170 € EXCL. VAT)195 € INCL. VAT (170 € EXCL. VAT)according to the careaccording to agreement

If you do not receive specific assistance, you will be responsible for The Royaumont Foundation finances the rest of the cost of the course, i.e. the registration fee, membership in the Association des amis de Royaumont, the BmFL reader’s card and part of the accommodation costs:

Trainingamount incl. VATAmount before tax
> dance
Le Labo-chorégraphique #3 (2023): “From solo form to collective project600 €405 €
Campus-danse #1 – Edition 2023 Remix Factory 1993/20231000 €
Opus # 2 – implementing a choreographic and musical model (2022)800 € – for composers and choreographers
500 € – for dancers.
674 €

424 €
> voice and repertoire
Introduction to medieval vocal practice (2022-2023)265 € 228 €
Improvement in medieval vocal practice (2022-2023)255 €220 €
Opera in the library : Bernier’s French cantatas (2022-2023)255 € 220 €
Italian baroque polyphony (2022-2023)255 € 220 €
Melody and chamber music workshop: Vienna 1900 (2022-2023)255 € 220 €
Drama and Music Performance Workshop: Mozart’s Magic Flute (2022-2023)365 €
Orsay-Royaumont Academy (2022-2023)435 €370 €
> musical creation
Transcultural Music Academy 2023255 €220 €
Académie Voix Nouvelles 2023 (composers)2000 €1674 €
Academy Voix Nouvelles 2023 (performers)1000 €841 €
> territorial action
Create artistic actions for various audiences195 €