Training 2022

The professional training workshops prepared by the Vocal and Repertoire department hereby presented will enable artists to build their very own career path: advice and support, organisation of concerts outside of Royaumont, opera coproductions for young singers, auditions before programmers, orchestras and ensembles.

14 training courses are on offer based on medieval music, melody and lied, vocal polyphony and opera. Coached by the greatest specialists of the repertoire to be studied, each session will notably put the musical works into perspective with other disciplines: literature, philosophy, the history of art and heritage.

Relationships created with further education establishments (CNSMDP, Université de Paris Sorbonne, CNDC d’Angers,…) and research establishments (EHESS, CNRS, IREMUS,…) allow us to associate those who practice music and dance with researchers in humanities and social sciences.

The Festival de Royaumont concerts, as well as the partnerships with numerous performing arts venues (festivals, opera houses, national theatres, orchestras and ensembles) offer our laureates opportunities and, more widely, the artists that the Royaumont Foundation supports

2021 – 2022 training

Initiation to vocal medieval music

For 8 singers, 1 flutist, 1 vielist
By Marc Mauillon, Thibault Mihelich

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Advanced course in medieval vocal music

For 8 singers to 10 singers
By Katarina Livljanić

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Opera in the Library : Rameau

For 8 singers
By Véronique Gens, Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas, Pascal Duc

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German baroque polyphony : Heinrich Schütz

For 12 singers, 1 organist, 1 violione
By Lionel Meunier

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Lieder and instrumental chamber music : Fauré Chausson

For 5 singers, 5 pianist, 1 quatuor
By Stéphane Degout, Alain Planès, Jean-Marc Phillips, Denis Herlin

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Music and drama performance workshop : Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria

For 11 singers, 3 hapsichordists, 1 lutenist, 1 stage assistant
By Mariame Clément, Benoît Hartoin

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Académie Orsay-Royaumont 2022-2023

For 4 duos singer / pianist (all voices)
By Chistian Gerhaher and Gerold Huber, Karine Deshayes and Hélène Lucas, Christoph Prégardien and Ulrich Eisenlohr, Véronique Gens and Susan Manoff.

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Singing upon the book : Medieval Polyphonic Improvisation

For 6 singers
By Jean-Yves Haymoz

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