Inauguration of the work of Yann Toma: the Cave of Climatic Divinations

Royaumont Festival: artists in the garden

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Yann Toma artist

From the first prophets to Bernadette Soubirous, the cave is the space of all divinations. After the apparition of the Virgin in Lourdes (1858), the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux, who were then occupying the Royaumont Abbey, built one. They had a mound built in the gardens and a rockery on its southern side.
Contemporary artist, also artist-observer at the UN, Yann Toma now proposes a new vision of this set that time had not spared. His project was inspired by the grotto of the superb Villa Aldobrandini in Rome, whose hundreds of niches each produced a different sound. In particular, he uses the principle of a profusion of changing forms, which he projects in three dimensions thanks to the technology of holograms. The artist, already author of Geysir Ouest-Lumière a dazzling spray that spouts out once an hour in the center of the cloister, returns to a theme that, for him, expresses the very identity of the abbey: the omnipresence of water, the first and greatest of miracles.
His new installation thus reveals the collective aspirations of an era whose climatic changes shake the certainties, as much as the singular obsessions of each visitor. Matured for many months, the work is unveiled to the public on the occasion of a weekend of great wealth. After an inaugural speech by the president of the Friends of Royaumont, an association that contributed to the financing of the installation and that is celebrating its jubilee this weekend, be among the first to discover this new element of the abbey’s heritage.
At the end of the visit, a drink will be served in the Magic Square, the immersive sound system of the Kitchen Garden.

Biographie de l’artiste

Yann Toma, born in 1969, lives and works in Paris. Artist-observer at the UN since 2007, he places his work and his reflection at the border of artistic and citizen expression and inscribes it in the political and media news. Both artist and life president of the Ouest-Lumière company, he has been developing the concept of Artistic Energy (AE) since 1991. Ouest-Lumière summons light, energy, networks, industrial means of production and the world of globalization. In addition to the photographs, installations and sculptures he creates, the artist produces contextual and participative works that are sometimes monumental(Dynamo-Fukushima (Paris 2011), Human Energy (Paris 2014), Human Greenergy (Beijing 2016), Vegetal Coats (New York 2019), etc. His artistic work, integrated into the collection of the Centre Georges Pompidou, is listed in the inventory of the collection of the Fonds National d’Art Contemporain. His artistic work is in line with issues related to climate change and energy in which the artist engages processes of revelation and takes a stand with his body by coming into contact with certain hidden and open senses that the public itself is able to capture, but which it continually loses sight of due to its conditioning, notably by not perceiving the masses of natural influxes that ensure our relationship with nature. He is also the co-founder of the Maximalism movement.

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Saturday, June 3, 2023

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