An awareness of art, heritage and nature

Access to culture and artistic practice is an essential tool for social inclusion and learning about citizenship.

For more than 30 years, the Foundation has been involved in its territory, divided between large urban areas and rural areas. She undertakes numerous cultural mediation actions in partnership with local authorities, rehabilitation structures, schools and leisure centers.

Discovery and artistic creation programs allow young people in the Val-d’Oise, Ile-de-France and Hauts-de-France regions to experience heritage, history, biodiversity, garden art, music and dance.

The Territorial Action Department extends these programs to the Paris area, based on projects from the Mahler Music Library.

Training 2023

Create a concert/show & artistic actions for various audiences

By Camille Villanove, Arnaud Marzorati

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School programs

Each year, the classes in residence program allows several dozen students to come to the abbey for a period of training.
In 2021, for example, despite the difficulties related to COVID-19, two classes of CM from Gonesse were able to collaborate with singers from the ensemble in residence Les Métaboles on works by Canadian composer Raymond Murray Schafer (see video report).

A partnership has been established with the Roissy Pays de France agglomeration community to carry out actions around the Royaumont Festival, notably through participative concerts.

The pupils of the numerous schools of the Communauté de Communes Carnelle Pays-de-France also benefit from specific programs, which combine visits to the abbey and workshops on site.

Finally, the Foundation’s work with students is structured by the CREAC, the Regional Convention for Artistic and Cultural Education.
In particular, it allowed the visit of landscape design students, who were able to reflect on the evolution of the nine square garden.
In 2021, a writing project about the military hospital set up at the abbey by Scottish nurses was supervised by the writer Laurent Contamin (see the video report), while a workshop combining theater, writing, music and dance was offered to high school girls from Beaumont-Sur-Oise (see the video report).

Amateurs, people with disabilities… Actions towards other audiences

The Department ofTerritorial Action also targets amateur musicians who attend conservatories in the Val d’Oise and regularly invites them to take part in performances staged at the abbey.

It also organizes concerts or shows outside the walls with its long-standing partners, such as the city of Gonesse, which, for example, hosted in November 2019 the show Luminescence of Amir ElSaffar and had prepared this date by training amateurs (15 guitarists, as many percussionists and 5 dancers) in the art of flamenco.

Of course, people with disabilities are not forgotten.
In June 2021, users of medical and social establishments in Jouy-le-Moutier and Beaumont-sur-Oise were able to participate in the “ambiance… ambiances à Royaumont” project.

The news of the territorial action

Artist training

This ambitious program of artistic and cultural education and territorial action towards the public of the north of Ile-de-France and the south of Oise could not be done without the artists. Aware of the growing importance of the social role in the construction of their career path, the Foundation therefore designs training programs. Their objective is to allow musicians, composers, dancers or choreographers to conceive and animate first experiences of artistic and cultural education in their image and in resonance with their approach.